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Captain America: Civil War is heading to theaters this week, and we’ll get to see a few new characters make their debut into the Marvel Universe.

My favorite is played by Chadwick Boseman, who stars as The Black Panther, an African prince set on getting revenge for his father’s death. I sat down with Captain America himself, Chris Evans, Directors the Russo Brothers, and Boseman to find out more about the build-up towards unveiling the Black Panther.

Chadwick took the role so seriously he never broke character, even between takes:

“For me, there are certain things that I’m trying to establish, how he moves, how he talks, that are unique from other characters that I’ve done,” he said. “So I was just concentrating on those things all the time, so it wasn’t that people couldn’t come up to me and joke, but I would be joking as T’Challa (the Panther’s human name), not as Chad.”

That’s serious dedication right there.

Check out this episode of Extra Butter for your first look inside Captain America: Civil War, in theaters everywhere May 6th.

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