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Close up of young man putting contact lens onto eye

Source: Medic Image / Getty

It looks like we’re moving up with Sony’s April 7, 2016, company’s patent application for “contact lens camera” that allows users to wear them and in a blink of the eye, snap a picture.
Google was the first to try with their patenting in 2014, eyewear that shoots pics and takes vids too.
Now, Sony’s contact lens will also have a zoom and image stabilization feature and the pictures are taken and stored on a smartphone or a tablet.

When the “smart lenses” are compared to something like Google Glasses, then you have to know that the lenses offer features such as, zoom, focus, to prevent you from blinking a blurry photo too.
And of  course we know that a person blinks all the time and these contact lenses will have a feature built in where it can differentiate between a blink to snap a picture or a natural blink.
Don’t get too excited because this lens is a tease… a prototype for now because the technology to produce and create and actual lens does not exist yet.