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Last night on the Tonight Show, Magic Johnson and Denver’s Super Bowl champ, quarter back Peyton Manning in a game of Russian EGG Roulette.
After Jimmy Fallon explained the rules of the game, with four eggs being raw and eight eggs being boiled, first player who cracks two raw eggs on their head loses.
With that being said to Magic Johnson and Peyton Manning, Fallon decided to give the first egg selection to Peyton saying, “Peyton since your the Champ.”
After Peyton selected an egg Fallon said, “Sure?”
Of course, Peyton was sure, he even said, “I had a dreams growing up that I would maybe I would have a chance to play Magic one on one some day. I never thought it would be Russian Egg Roulette.”
Fallon said, Dreams come true…. and bam, Peyton’s first selection was a raw egg and they had a good laugh at him until Magic’s turn came up and his first egg selection was a raw egg too.
After Magic smashed the egg on his head, Fallon is laughing while saying, “This has never happened in the history of the game, I can’t believe that this is real right now.”
Peyton goes for this second selection and you hear Magic saying, “Please let it be yours,” but when Peyton goes to smash the egg on his head, he got lucky in Roulette because it was a boiled egg. Ha-ha.
Fallon tells Magic, “Magic, ha-ha not looking good for you man.”
The game continued with Magic smashing a boiled egg and Fallon is teasing Peyton saying, “Oooh, the odds are not in your favor Mr. Manning, choose wisely.”
That’s it, by the third round, Peyton loses to Magic Johnson in Egg Russian Roulette.

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