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One of hip-hop’s O.G.’s, Snoop Dog, has decided to team up with Burger King to help hock their newest menu item…a grilled “hot dog.”

Snoop Dog is helping Burger King with a new instructional video for employees to hype up their introduction of hot dogs to their food line-up.

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The video that was for “internal use only” has seemed to be leaked….only to TMZ.  Hmmmmm

The Gin & Juice rapper is in the video highlighting the new grilled dogs for B.K. employees.

Who better to introduce the dog than The Doggfather, who was dubbed B.K.’s grilled dog training ambassador.

The Dog, Snoop that is, stresses that Burger King employees will be grilling the dogs his way.  The Snoop way?   “Bikinis, martinis, zucchinis….you know the rest,” Snoop says.

Check out the “instructional video” below.

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