Wild Card Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans

Source: Scott Halleran / Getty

The NFL’s usually games that are played outside of the U.S.A take place in London, but now they’re extending t heir “international” games to Mexico City.
The NFL’s next season’s Mexico City game will be between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders.
According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, a discussion with the Texans team’s president, Jamey Rootes saying during the season:

“We’ve always expressed that we have an interest in participating internationally as a road team (and), we’ve made it clear that we were most interested in doing that in Mexico. It’s an amazing opportunity for teams and the league.

Mexico City is a logical choice for a team like the Texans. We’d be a great ambassador for the league.”

The two teams should improvement during this past season… the Texans came up from their 2-5 season to winning their last nine games making them AFC South champs.

The Raiders had a 7-9 season themselves with their young Quarterback, Derek Carr.

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