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Over the last few years, the popular way to raise funds for your personal endeavors is crowdfunding.  This is were you go to certain sites and ask people to give you money to help fund your personal or business dream.

GoFundMe, Kick Starter and indigo are just a few of the big crowd sourcing sites that allow fundraising initiatives for creative and personal use but some won’t allow personal fundraising at all.

We’ve seen people ask for funding for movies, vacations, butt implants and even entertainers from TLC to the Geto Boys have gone to their fan base to ask them to drop some dough for them to make new albums.


But here is an interesting twist in asking for cash with a Madd Hatta Morning Show connection, sorta.

A photo posted by JmacGlobal (@jmacglobal) on Feb 1, 2016 at 9:49am PST

 A TSU classmate of Jay Mac, Ken Mack, created a Go Fund Me page asking for $5,000 to get his wife to be an engagement ring.

Here’s what he asked on the page:

“I meet a beautiful young lady and I feel if I don’t make her an honest women and wife here quick she may not become whole so I’m asking for help with an ENGAGEMENT RING.”

Yours truly,

Former Playa that’s hanging up his player shoes.”

All his words.  But in another interesting turn of events Mr. Mack took down the page and after all the hoopla started he released a statement saying that it all was a joke.

He talked to The Madd Hatta Morning Show about the GoFundMe account.


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