British Jeweller Steve Bennett has built the first prototype tracking engagement ring.  CEO and founder Gemporia said the purpose of the ring is for theft and loss protection. According to the piece of Jewelry will be marked by Gemporia as their ‘Fidelity Ring‘. When asked where did Gemporia come up with the dad for […]

Judging by her Instagram, Solange Knowles was super excited for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, yet the excitement was short-lived after she lost her wedding ring.

Over the last few years, the popular way to raise funds for your personal endeavors is crowdfunding.  This is were you go to certain sites and ask people to give you money to help fund your personal or business dream. GoFundMe, Kick Starter and indigo are just a few of the big crowd sourcing sites […]

Nicki Minaj posted a picture on Instagram recently that showed off a diamond ring.  Honestly, it could just be a nice gift she received from Meek Mill  and not be an engagement ring at all but I’m just saying.  

Nicki Minaj's finger can definitely sing "Diamonds Dancing" after this.

I’m not sure if we’re all getting our legs pulled or if this is some fake story that’s gone viral on social media, but it’s certainly interesting.  The alleged story takes place in the historic city of Houston, Texas.  (Cause I say it’s historic.)  Here’s how the story breaks down. A woman made a promise […]

This past Saturday, The Madd Hatta Morning Show hit downtown for the Houston Ring Dash with Ben Bridge Jewelers. Teams of pairs went sent dashing through midtown Houston searching for clues and earning points towards thousands of dollars in prizes from Ben Bridge. The couple with the most points was Cherese and Atiba.  After they […]


Add some excitement to a ho-hum outfit with this earthy and slightly iridescent geode ring. This Charlotte Russe ring features a scalloped polished gold trim with rhinestones. $4.90 at Check out other items of the day: Forever 21’s Sequined Tote Lace-Up Wedge Bootie By Deena & Ozzy


Update your fall wardrobe with this Dome wood ring by Made. The ring features a dome style wooden insert with a metallic surround, oversized styling and a double metallic band. To maintain appearance and condition, avoid contact with liquids or perfume. $37.07 at Check out other items of the day: West Elm’s Hammered Metal […]


Cocktail rings are one of the boldest accessories a girl can go for! I have have always had a soft spot for oversized rings, and this Stephen Webster “Mother of Pearl Haze” ring is just the kind of ring I would love to have on my finger this season.