I’m not sure if we’re all getting our legs pulled or if this is some fake story that’s gone viral on social media, but it’s certainly interesting.  The alleged story takes place in the historic city of Houston, Texas.  (Cause I say it’s historic.)  Here’s how the story breaks down.

A woman made a promise to herself at a young age and kept it.  Yasmin Elebly decided that if she didn’t find her Prince in Shining armor, she’d marry herself.

The scene was set to a beautiful candlelight ceremony at the Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC).

As the story goes, Yasmin had her minister sister help with the vows in this spiritual ceremony.  Her mother gave her away to herself as her three sisters were bridesmaids in the ceremony.

Details on the union consummation process was not disclosed but she plans to visit Cambodia, Laos and the jazz festival in Dubai this year and those plans will serve as a honeymoon.



1. Yasmin cutting the cake

2. Yasmin with her Bouquet

3. Yasmin with her Mother

4. Yasmin and her bridal party

5. Mrs. Yasmin