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The 28-year old Russell Okung is from the Richmond, was a part of the 2010 NFL Draft went the first round as the 6th pick.
Okung’s current team is the Settle Seahawks’ as their left tackle, but Okung is entering the offseason as a free agent and he is looking for a team that wants him or for another team that he wants.

Okung is known for representing himself without having an agent and being someone who reps himself, Okung decided to send an e-mail to 32 NFL teams informing them of his current health status and to tell them that he’s interested in meeting them since he’s going to be a free agent.
What is his current health status?
Okung is having shoulder surgery during the offseason and the recovery time is five months.
Okung decided that he wanted to put himself out there for the 32 teams before his surgery takes place.
The only thing about being a “free agent” is that there are rules to follow and although Okung’s e-mail was a good idea, it was too soon to reach out to those 32 NFL teams.
Yup, it seems like Okung jumped the gun because he’s officially a free agent as of March 9, 2016, and agents aren’t officially allowed to speak to players until March 12th.
Just so you are wonder what that “official” rule is, here it is for you:
If a club is contacted by a player (or his representative) who is under contract to or whose negotiating rights are held by another club, and such player had not been given permission to deal with other clubs, or such player is not in a permissible negotiating period under the terms of an operative collective bargaining agreement, then the contacted club is prohibited from talking or otherwise dealing with the player or his representative, and the contacted club must immediately report such contact to the owner or operating head of the club which holds the player’s rights.
So if the Seahawks did not give permission to Okung, allowing him to make contact with other NFL teams thank he broke policy.