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After my last review on Tank’s “Stronger” went viral, it seems like I gotta be extra careful on how I choose my words when it comes to this man’s music. A lot of you mistook my honesty for “calling him out” or “going in on him.” You couldn’t be more wrong.

Tank’s Mad At Album Sales… So Amir Diamond Bought It & Did A Review

Tank is a musical genius, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be fake and say that I like every song that he’s ever created. But yeah… don’t get me started. We’ve been down this road before. The fact of the matter is, Tank just dropped a new album and he’s giving us all of the things that R&B has been missing.

IT JUST GOT REAL: Tank Responds To Amir Diamond’s Album Review!

  1. SLP2 – Let’s us know that we’re about to be get into an album that we’ll be able to jam the entire way through. It properly describes what the mood of the project is about.
  2. You Don’t Know (feat. Wale) – Is genius. It’s going to pull in a new crowd of fans who probably have no clue that you sampled Patti LaBelle’s “If Only You Knew.” This isn’t the first time that you’ve should love to artists who have came before you; I applaud you for intertwining that into your artistry.
  3. She Wit the S*** (feat. Rich Homie Quan) – Seems like your way of taking today’s type of R&B and Tank-ifying it. It adds a new gangsta-type of dynamic to the project.
  4. #BDAY (feat. Chris Brown, Siya & Sage The Gemini) – Is perfect for the club and the party. It’s a fun track that should make the stiffest person wanna get up and dance.
  5. F***in With Me – Is my favorite track on the CD. Yes, I’m a freak and ain’t ashamed to show it. LOL This is about as nasty as it gets. But even though it’s nasty… Tank does it in a way that’s not disrespectful. He low-key still leaves some things to the imagination  which is dope AF. He doesn’t have to blatantly name body parts in order to get his point across. We know exactly what he’s referring to.
  6. Relationship Goals – is a song that should never listen to… if bae is around. Things are bound to get heated and 9 months later you’ll probably be burping a newborn baby  (whispers) If you know what I mean.
  7. I Love Ya (feat. Yo Gotti) – is something that we’ve all experienced before (whether we want to admit it or not). And if we’ve never experienced it… we dreamed about it. Everybody has that one stripper that gets us wiping the drool off of our faces.
  8. So Cold –  is one of the realest songs on the album to me. I like how Tank is never afraid to make songs where he’s confessing that he’s done wrong.
  9. Better For You – Can we just talk about how intriguing this music video is? It goes perfect with that song. And we don’t really see visuals that have concepts to em anymore so it was a pleasant surprise and full of suspense. This is like a part two to “So Cold.” It’s perfectly placed on the album.
  10. Already In Love (feat. Shawn Stockman) – should go down in history for the simple fact that Shawn Stockman is on it. As I listened, I couldn’t figure out who’s voice it was. All I knew is that it sounded super familiar. I had to google that s***, cause it was irritating me. Come to find out… IT’S ONE OF THE DUDES FROM BOYZ II MEN! I’m sorry; I don’t know the group member’s names by heart. But I sure do know their songs!!! Shouldn’t that be the only thing that matters anyway?
  11. Him Her Them – definitely represents the PAIN in “Sex, Love, & Pain 2.” It’s a cry out for the person that doesn’t need to be anywhere else but in your life.
  12. Bishop Cognac (Skit) – closes out the album by letting us all know that he does this with ease. He’s able to joke around and make us laugh and be goofy, because he put in that work. Great job, T!

Final Grade: 101! That extra point is because I’m thinking you took my criticism from the last album review. Lol Even if my opinion had nothing to do with the production of this production…. just let me believe that it did. Lmao I can’t wait to chop it up with you next week! -Amir Diamond

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