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Cookie and Laz, her shady new head of security/boo are back at it this week. They finally got it on, like we knew they would, and it looks like this is the start of a new relationship that’s obviously going to get really complicated. We already know that lover boy isn’t quite the con artist that he’s pretending to be. His boys are putting pressure on him to extort as much money from Cookie as possible, but he knows he loves him some her. He hasn’t admitted that part out loud yet, but he did make her breakfast in bed, which led to lunch in bed, and dinner in bed, and the entire day in bed. Good Lord!

As far as real Lyon Dynasty business goes, Cookie finally found some time to get up from under Laz so that she can creep with her own son. Yup, she and Jamal are back working together on a song that he needed help with, but they have to keep it on the low for obvious reasons aka the wrath of Lucious.

Speaking of Lucious, he’s trying to step his business up into the steaming world, you know, whatever the Empire version of Tidal would be. For whatever reason, Lucious and his potential new business partner meet at a boxing ring (the partner likes to box, but this is still stupid). They conduct their meeting while sparring at the same time because, you know, you can totally box and have serious conversation at the same time. This session ends with Lucious’ cocky potential business partner getting knocked the eff out. Basically, ol’ boy touched a nerve when he told Lucious that his lyrics were shallow. Oop.

Later on in the episode, Lucious visits his intended business partner in the hospital and apologizes for his hypersensitive reaction to being insulted. In the end, what really matters is green, so the deal is forged.

Cookie and Laz meet up with the Cowboys again to negotiate their protection deal. Laz is actually proving to be a good actor as he steers the conversation in the Cowboys’ favor. Cookie and Hakeem agree to their terms, but nothing is ever that simple! They’ll be back eventually for more.

The episode ends with a charged up Lucious in the studio with Freda Gatz at 4 in the morning. Lucious is still trying to groom that little hood booger into the star he thinks she can be, and in this little session he does his best to channel DMX and Ja-Rule’s love child as he spits lukewarm fire. “Boom Boom” is this seaons new “Drip Drop,” and it’s probably still stuck in your head right now!


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