Rumblr, an app that helps people find and engage in recreational fighting, is set for a test release Monday.  It supposedly gives you a chance to meet and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.  Additionally, it encourages users to insult their matched opponents with this pro-tip: “tell your match what you don’t like about their picture.”

A beta trial version will go to the first 2,000 individuals who registered to use the app, and more than 78,000 people had shown an initial interest, allegedly.

If a fight is agreed upon, the location is made public so others can go watch, while there are filter systems for women (RumblrHER) and groups (RumblrGROUP).

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New fight app, Rumblr, is it real??!!

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While this might sound like a bit of a joke, the creators insist it’s a serious proposition and that they have “substantial funding” to make a “Tinder for fighting” happen.

“We have raised relatively substantial funding from private American investors and the app is fully developed,” the Rumblr team stated.

The beta for the fighting app will be launched on Nov. 9, at 5 p.m. EST, the team said.

Syke!  It’s FAKE!  The founder’s ran with all the attention the fake app received to draw attention to their newly launched creative consulting agency.


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