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I took care of some well-needed cleaning and reorganizing yesterday that included laundry, washing the car and tidying up the garage. I tried to be a Superhero and move an entire weight set (solo-dolo) and sure enough… some of the weights came tumbling down to hit the back of my ankle. I’ve been limping for the past 24 hours. Lol BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN THE BAD PART! What sucks is: I’ve been working on my bad habit of cursing, but it all went south once that lil accident happened. Lol I mean c’mon… the only words I could utter after being in excruciating pain like that were:

  • s***,
  • b****, and
  • mother******! Lol

So much for tryna be a changed man. SMH But look on the bright side: ATLEAST THE GARAGE IS CLEAN! LMFAO

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