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Communication is key in all facets of life. So many misunderstandings, mistakes, and hurt feelings could be avoided if persons relaying and receiving information would take the time and effort to communicate effectively with each other, without any delays, defenses, senses of entitlement or ego trips. As many of our respective employers or employees are often from a diverse pool of candidates, understanding one another in a professional and cultural sense may take some work.

If you have ever struggled with effectively communicating with those in your office, here are five tips for both employers and employees to incorporate into their daily work lives to make the work day a little easier.

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Foster an Environment for Open Communication

Being friendly and open to brief discussions, even if during a busy work day, may break down barriers and foster a relationship for being able to discuss many things in an honest and open demeanor in the future.

Be Clear

Being clear with the information you are attempting to relay and/or are seeking, is almost 100 percent of the battle. This includes utilizing language that all parties understand (i.e. – no jargon, acronyms or slang). Do not assume that the other party is privy to information that you are presenting or asking for.

Seek Input

Sometimes asking an open-ended question can procure additional information that will allow for two – way conversations and the expansion of previous ideas. Seeking the input from employees can also make them feel appreciated.

Have In-Person Conversations

All controversial or sensitive topics or issues should be discussed in private, and in person. This is to avoid rumors, violation of privacy rights, and allow facts to be presented in a direct and effective manner.

Written Communication Should Be Brief, Accurate and Include Facts

If a party is citing company policy, a copy should be included in any correspondence. Make sure all parties have access to any information that is being presented.


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