Did you know that being too intelligent could be a bad thing if you're a boss?

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It was such an honor to be selected by BossLifeWorld.com and to have the opportunity to share my story!Thanks so much Slim!  I hope I am able to inspire someone with message! #MYBOSSLIFE 4th episode with Jillian Simmons from 97.9 The Box to shares her journey and what living the #bosslife really means to her.

Communication is key in all facets of life. So many misunderstandings, mistakes, and hurt feelings could be avoided if persons relaying and receiving information would take the time and effort to communicate effectively with each other, without any delays, defenses, senses of entitlement or ego trips. As many of our respective employers or employees are […]

So if there were ever an award for boss of the year this person would definitely win it! A Chinese billionaire by the name of Li Jinyuan took 6,400 of his staff on a four day holiday to France complete with 5 star hotel reservations, air fair and all expenses paid for by the company. […]

Now whats gonna happen if this guy ever goes broke? I actually don’t know what to say besides what is this man thinking? You remember those days when you went home with a tattoo and your mom would half keel over in disappointment from any little tattoo? Well, the Boss decided to add a little […]


  Beyoncé and some other stars want to ban the word BOSSY. Find out why here:

THEBOXHOUSTON.com – Narrowing down from 80 plus tracks for his upcoming album “Troubled Man” and working on his second book Power and Beauty 2, rapper T.I.  has a new role the second season of STARZ dramatic series Boss alongside lead actor/producer Kelsey Grammer. The King chops it up with G-Man, J-Que and The Chile about his newest acting […]

Rick Ross drops another visual off his latest mixtape Rich Forever, with “High Definition.” While the appearance of production extraordinaires Pharrell and Timbaland will be big news for Hip-Hop, the woman in the striped outfit may steal every headline! Source