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Angry boss dissatisfied with bad result

Source: EmirMemedovski / Getty

Did you know that being too intelligent could be a bad thing if you’re a boss?

A new study says that having too high an IQ makes you less relatable to your employees. John Antonakis, a professor at the University of Lausanne, tested the IQ of 350 middle managers and then asked their employees to rate their performance, Daily Mail reports. Antonakis found that the more clever an employee perceived his/her boss to be, the lower that employee rated the leader.

“Experts found that bosses whose IQ was more than 18 points higher than their employees begin to lose their respect,” Daily Mail writes. Antonakis also told The Times, “The idea is you need to be smarter than the people you are leading. You also need to be smart enough to keep rivals at bay. But you musn’t be so smart that they can’t understand you. If they are too smart, if they are in their ivory tower, the intellectual gap between the leader and those being led makes it difficult for workers to identify with the leader.”

This just goes to show you— it seems you really can be too smart for your own good. But, no one said it better than the great prophet Jay Z, who rapped on “Moment of Clarity” back in 2003, “I dumbed down for my audience and double my dollars.”


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