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Starbucks Introduces New Line Of Iced Beverages

Source: Alex Wong / Alex Wong

A Starbucks Barista went to Kitchenette’s website for it’s “Horrible Restaurant Customers” to discuss his daily encounter with one specific customer.
The Barista said on his posting, “Even though I know exactly how he ‘beat the system,’ he pretends that his apps just malfunctioning and it magically gives him the same free birthday drink every day.”

What is he talking about? Well, it appears that his “difficult customer” went to the Starbucks’ website and somehow registered 365 gift cards, one for everyday of the year. This actions sets him for having birthday for everyday of the year.
Yeah, that’s 365 days of having a free “complimentary” birthday drink that’s on Starbucks… no matter the cost of the drink.
So, on the Kitchenette’s website, the Barista tells or complains about his daily encounter in great detail what he has to put up with… Do you blame him?
The customer comes in and saying, “I need a Venti cup and a marker.”
“I reluctantly give him the cup and marker. He draws lines and arrows and writes all over the cup while telling me: “Two pumps of white mocha here, then add five pumps of vanilla. That should take us to this line here where you’re gonna add cold heavy cream up to this ridge here…it should be halfway between this line and this line. Make sure to add the heavy whipping cream before the espresso, it changes the taste if you do it out of order. Then add your four shots, three regular and one long shot. That long shot is important, since you guys reformulated your machines, it’s been Hell trying to get my drink right. That long shot helps balance it. Then stir it for me, Mister Brad. Now do me a favor and add ice to the top there and it’ll be easy as pie. I’m not picky so don’t worry about shaking it or anything like that.”
Of course, there is more, that this difficult customer tells. He also tells the Barista exactly how to ring it up so the cost of his drink doesn’t come to $6.50, but will be $3.00 instead.
He says, “Now they ring it up for me like this: one quad espresso, add white mocha, sub vanilla, sub heavy cream.”
Ater all of this, the customer will complain about the drink being too sweet and than will ask for a “decaf shot on top” so it cuts down on the sweetness.

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