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Time to brush up your swag with some slang 101. Take notes while we drop some knowledge on you.

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Netflix and Chill – a ploy to lure someone into your home innocently, with hopes that some sort of sexual activity may occur (syn: scheme)

Lit – extremely exciting or amazing; to the point that you’re “lit” like a lightbulb about this thing, person, or event (syn: turnt, poppin’)

No Chill – when someone or something is out of control and has taken it too far (syn: reckless, doing the most, irrational)

Stay Woke – to be aware, informed, and alert of (syn: stay up, knowledgable)

Ting –  a Caribbean way of saying the word ‘thing’; often used by Drake (ex: in the song R.I.C.O “Madonna’s a ting”)

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