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Elementary school students in their classroom.

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Well, public school starts next week and if you haven’t done your “back-to-school” shopping yet, here are a few tips for you use in order to save a few dollars.
There are seven ways to help cut your costs:
1. Do a closet sweep.
Before you take that back-to-school supply list to the stores to purchase new school supplies, check your closest or your draws for any supplies that wasn’t used the year before.
2. Start your clothes shopping at secondhand stores.

Come on man, there is nothing wrong with discount or thrift stores. You can find some good clothes there that might even have tags on them.
Keep in mind, that with your elementary kids will grow during the school year… grow or play hard in their clothes.
3. Take advantage of tax-free weekends.
Of course this weekend already passed for Texas, but it’s a good day to buy the undergarments and socks for your kids.
4. Visit a dollar store.
The dollar store or the 99 cent store… either way, you can find the needed pencils, pens, glue sticks, etc… there just the same way you would find at Wal-Mart, Target or any of the grocery stores.
5. Get your school supplies list before you start shopping.
You might try downloading the school list before the local stores provides them. This way you can hit up the dollar store or 99 cent store and perhaps try price comparison shopping.
You can probably find coupons and some sale deals around too. Remember, you’re trying to cut costs.
6. Set Clear limits. 
Set a limit on buying new “wanted” items…. wanted oppose to needed items.
7. Buy the big discounts in bulk for next year (and the year after).
This applies to one of the awesome sales that you might stumble upon. You know the ones, 10 cents for notebooks or 10 cent pencils.
If you come across this type of sale, stock up for the next year’s supplies. This will add money to you pockets for next year or for the year after since school supplies are pricy.
So try and take some of these tips to good use.
If you have any other tips, let us know what they are.