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Join me today at Okra Charity Saloon (924 Congress Ave from 7-9pm)! All you have to do is come order some food and drinks and you are helping to support Bodies in Motion.  It’s just that simple! Their mission is to create a Healthy Future, One Child at a Time! Once you place your order, you will receive a ticket to place into the charity’s box.  Whatever charity has the most tickets at the end of the month wins the money from that month!

Here’s a little more about Bodies In Motion…


                     Making a healthy future, one child at a time.


Bodies In Motion is a nonprofit charitable organization in partnership with Hardcore Pilates. Established in 2013 by HardCore Pilates owner Wayne Davis, this organization provides tools and strategies for optimal health and fitness to youth from all walks of life.

With great programs focused on improved wellness and healthy lifestyles, we believe that we can enhance the quality of life for all kids and help reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity. It is our heart’s mission to empower kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits. Strictly funded by free-will and private donations, Bodies In Motion offers empowering workshops with a wide variety of tools, techniques, and literature for both physical and mental transformation. We offer power-packed support groups to emphasize easy-to-apply concepts to increase metabolism and maintain healthy eating habits. Throughout the year, we support other local Houston nonprofit organizations and community events raise awareness of childhood obesity. We offer after school programs for teens, summer camps and bi-weekly sessions. We are also partnered with Houston Independent School District to offer Bodies In Motion to as many students in the district as possible. With our organization, we truly believe we can help children live healthier active lifestyles. We are Making a healthy future, one child at a time.



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