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In Liverpool, England, an 18-year old named Aaron O’Dwyer was passing through the Liverpool city centre when he spotted a homeless man sitting nearby where he was about to eat his unch.
O’Dwyer noticed that the man had a written CV aka resume sitting next to him so he took the homeless man’s CV with him and than decided to post it onto social media saying in his post, “Some homeless lad in town give me his DV an I promised I would share it on here, he’s only 23 do with it what you like.”
That post has since generated over 1,300 retweets since O’Dwyer original posted it and he’s amazed by the outpouring of responses too.
O’Dwyer said, “I had an interview for Apple at the Hilton and I saw him as I was walking towards Bold Street to get something got eat. I saw he was of a similar age to myself. I had £4 in coins so I said ‘Alright mate, do you want some change?”
“He said thanks and I saw he had his CVs. He had about 15-20 of them. They were handwritten which is proper dedication, to sit there and write them all out. I took one and went to sit down. It looked like an obvious plea for help and I thought I’d put i on Twitter and see what people’s reaction were.”
The homeless man who’s known as Jordan says in his CV, “I am sick of wasting away now. I am always being told to go to homeless centers but they’re not helping.”
His CV continues with saying that he once worked on motorbikes as a mechanic and that he was taking a course for it, but one day his boss quit picking him up and Jordan was than left without any proof of work, grades or experience to show for himself.
O’Dwyer said that the hopes that the posting will get Jordan a chance at a real shot at a job and he even gives his number out as the a contact person too.

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