Armani Crews decided that the best gift to receive was the feeling of giving back to others.

Rachel Dolezal became the face for challenging identity and beliefs when it was discovered that she was a white woman, living her life and identifying as a black woman. After publishing a book, receiving major backlash and becoming the laughing stock of the Internet, Dolezal is now speaking out about her current life conditions, revealing […]

When Chris met his 89-year old neighbor Norma Cook some years back, they never would have predicted that he would become her 24-hour caregiver, but here they are living together. Norma Cook is sick and is currently suffering from Leukemia and she also recently spent two months in the hospital battling against pneumonia and breathing […]

Diana Gordon randomly ran into her brother David at a bus stop after not seeing or hearing from him in 16 years.

Last month, a Hunstville, Texas Wilma Price was coming out of the Wal-Mart parking lot when she saw a man standing on the side of the road holding a sign. Yeah, it’s not what you think, the man wasn’t holding a sign that read, “Need food” or something, no, his sign that said, “Dog in […]

A New Mexico mother was reminded of her own homeless past after her young son began to ask to take two lunches to school everyday.

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As it turns out, the man whose Prius Jenner crashed into other week was reportedly living out of his car.

Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller, Florida natives, began a non-profit called, "Live Fresh Palm Beach County." Bentley and Miller converted a 29.5-foot trailer into an air-conditioned mobile shower and personal hygiene facility. The trailer has a total of six private wash rooms, and makes three weekly stops in the Palm Beach area.

The three Shepard sisters refuse to let their situation stop them living out their dreams as becoming track stars.

Nineteen-year-old Fred Barley is homeless, but understands the importance of higher education.

Sixteen-year-old Destyni Tyree was awarded a full scholarship to Potomac State College too.

The talk show host and "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" author shares his rags to riches story for the magazine's recent issue.