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Last month, a Hunstville, Texas Wilma Price was coming out of the Wal-Mart parking lot when she saw a man standing on the side of the road holding a sign. Yeah, it’s not what you think, the man wasn’t holding a sign that read, “Need food” or something, no, his sign that said, “Dog in pound, need help.”

Wilma said in her Facebook post, that she hurried her car to the other side of the street where this man named Patrick was and she started asking him, “what his deal was. I gave him my card, I asked him how much it was to get his dog out of the pound. He said $120 well, ‘I had $8 to my name’ I told him, I’d see what I could do. At first I called the pound to verify the man’s story was true and they said yes it was $120. ‘I asked him why so much?’ The pound said because $35 was for impoundment fee then they gave it rabies shots, get a heartworm test and yes the dog was negative and put a flea prevention.”

After Wilma contacted the Animal Shelter, she went back to find out Patrick’s backstory… she found out his name and his age. He’s 30-years old and he had been taken to jail for two days for trespassing and when that happened, his dog Fred Frederick was taking to the shelter.
Once Patrick was released, he just wanted his buddy back, but had no money to get him out of the shelter.
Wilma called a friend to help her financially and she went back to let Patrick know this too… “I told him ‘well I’m getting the money to get your dog out so let’s go down to the pound.’ me and Patrick go down to the pound ,honey give them all his paperwork .”
Once they got there and paid for all of Fred Fredrick’s fees, they said that the dog was beyond himself knowing that he was going to get to see his owner again, “he was shaking when he came out of the pound it was so happy happy to see the man.”
She tells us that Patrick had tears in his eyes when he was reunited with his dog and that he even tried to pay her what money he had collected, but Wilma wouldn’t take it.
We’ve all been in a bad situation in our life so remember always pay it forward you never know who that person might be that you help.”