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It was the epic battle between two battle ready warriors that just happened to be family.  In fact, it was a father and daughter duo that entered the battle of….THE BEATBOX.

Nicole Paris and her dad from St. Louis, Missouri had their initial battle a year ago but when the battle was posted last year and the people spoke…Nicole won the battle.

The amazingly competent Beatbox affinados decided to film the rematch and uploaded the video to Youtube so the mentor could show the student once and for all, who was the Beatbox Boss.

Dad started off good as he and mentor/daughter go back in forth showing off their syncopated skills but in round two, Dad couldn’t handle the pressure and fell off in 25 seconds as he did the Jay Mac, he shouted “I messed Up!”

Then Nicole hauls off and reeks Beatbox havoc with a two-minute melody that included beats, vocalizations and playful taunts directed at her dad.

Umm, guess who won the second battle!?

Yes, there are real Beatbox Competitions around the world.  Check out the final round between Skiller from Bulgaria vs Alem from France. They both were battling face to face on the main stage of the 3rd Beatbox Battle World Championship in Berlin, Germany in 2012.

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