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Adam Rodriguez, Magic Mike XXL

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If you haven’t witnessed the all-out frenzy outside your local movie theater, rest assured that Magic Mike XXL mania has indeed landed. The film is already projected to take the box office over the holiday weekend, even against box office giant Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Genisys. And if your find yourself watching Channing Tatum and crew because your lady had to see the man she’s made no punches about leaving you for, his co-star Adam Rodriguez wants you to know that it’s not all about rock hard abs and baby oil. Magic Mike XXL may completely make your woman’s summer, but the dudes being dudes on a road trip plot will keep you entertained.

In an exclusive with The Urban Daily, Rodriguez shares the film’s actual Hangover appeal, how to really understand what your woman wants in bed, and what rapper could make a great addition to the stripper squad.

The Urban Daily: So Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” is probably the song of the summer. Is there a current song out there that you think you guys can really kill onstage?

Adam Rodriguez: “Man, you know, that’s a good question. That ‘Cookie’ song by R. Kelly at the end of the movie… that’s a crazy good strip song. A lot of the stuff I’m hearing these days is just not stuff that resonates for me and so I don’t really know what’s really hot right now to be honest. You hear the song and it’s just filthy, and the beat is so hard. I mean, if anybody knows how to be filthy on a record, Robert Kelly has a pretty good idea of that.”

TUD: Really great husbands and boyfriends will be taking their wives and girlfriends to see the movie, but obviously they might be getting some crap from their friends, or may feel intimidated by all of the bodies on the screen. What’s something that guys can actually enjoy by seeing the film? Is there anything that they can learn from watching it?

AR: “Aww man, I think there’s all of that. I think guys are going to enjoy the fact that it’s a buddy comedy. I mean, this movie is, in my opinion, every bit as much of a fun ride as The Hangover. And I think that people don’t expect that, and they’re going to be really surprised. I also think that if you’re a smart guy, and you’re looking to meet girls, what better place than to go to the movie theater and go see a movie where you know it’s going to be packed with women, and probably women who are going to be pretty excited by the time the movie’s over? Why wouldn’t you want to put yourself in a position to win? We talk about listening to your woman, like hearing what it is that she wants. Not just deciding what you want to give her, but actually paying attention to the things she says or you know what it is that turns her on, and then making an effort to do that as opposed to just the same old thing, you know? You have to constantly adapt. And I think that’s a big part of what’s the movie about. I think these guys having to adapt and grow. To really deliver in a way that they’ve never delivered before.”

JG: That’s a good point. It definitely did feel like a dude movie, like an Entourage or The Hangover, because you guys are on this wild ride.

AR: “Yeah, absolutely. We’re on a road trip, and having a great time, having a great wild time, and learning some stuff along the way. I think any good comedy, from start to finish, you’ve got to end up farther down the road, literally and figuratively, at the end of the movie than you where when you started. And I think we definitely accomplish that in this movie.”

JG: Are there are rappers past or present who you think would have the moves to keep up with you guys and join your crew?

AR: “Damn. Immediately, I would think Big Daddy Kane. I mean at first instinct you think of MC Hammer just for the dance. But I think Big Daddy Kane had more swagger. I think he definitely had more of what it would to take to be a part of Magic Mike.”

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JG: Nice, that makes me think of Heavy D because he had the moves, too.

AR: “Aww man, God bless. I would have loved for Heavy to be in the movie, man. That was a dear friend of mine. I would have loved to have Heavy in the movie. He would have killed it. Heavy would have been incredible. He definitely would have been the Overweight Lover. He would have come in and absolutely killed it.”

JG: That would have been insane.

AR: “Yeah, honestly that would have epic, man.”


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