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For the past 8 years I feel like I’ve been cursed when it comes to relationships. I didn’t realize that this spell or hex was put on me until recently. It seems like everyone who finds me interesting…. HAS A BOYFRIEND! That has GOT to be karma coming back around to bite me in the azz. Back when I went to Bush High School, I thought it was cool to mess around with people who had dudes. I knew that their relationships wouldn’t last, so I figured “why not?” Man, if I could have changed my frame of mind back then, I most certainly would have. I usually don’t agree with the statement that music influences the decisions we make in our lives, but it was lowkey true in this case. I would jam s*** that talked about how he can’t do you “Like I Do” by R. Kelly and aspired to get a nickname like Trey Songz —> “Mr. Steal Your Girl” SMH Let me tell you now, young people: Doing what I did IS NOT CUTE! Fix your life so Iyanla doesn’t have to. God is watching your every move and what goes around comes back around (in my Beyoncé voice). Lord, pleeeeeease forgive me. I’m tired of being single. I’ve recognized my mistakes and I’ve used what I’ve learned for the greater good.

So to anyone who finds me attractive and has a boyfriend: Back back. Back Back. Gimme fifty feet! LOL

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