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JJ’s I’m Me Tour has already stopped by 6 schools this year!

The “I’m Me” Tour is designed to give young ladies the tools they need to challenge themselves in all areas of their lives! Sessions on Health/Fitness, Beauty/Style, Goal Setting, Etiquette and more!

The beginning of the program starts off with a live DJ or video. JJ introduces herself as well as the wonderful panel of ladies that will conduct the breakout sessions. She speaks a little about the program and what will take place during the course of the day. The ladies will receive a passport and their breakout session assignments. Each class consists of a 30-45-minute session that will teach the following skills:

I’m Beautiful- Basic Hygiene, Skin Care, Self-Esteem builders

I’m Living The Good Life- finding your passion, setting goals, vision boards

I’m Fit and Fabulous- Healthy Eating, creating personal fitness goals, setting a routine for a healthy lifestyle

I’m Classy- an interactive session on proper etiquette, body language, attitude, confidence, social networking and more

I’m Me Tour WRAP UP! -After all of the sessions are complete JJ gives final remarks including a empowering message to the girls about how important they are to the world and how it’s ok to be GREAT!

This program doesn’t stop here. The students compete against other schools in community service activities. At the end of the year, we bring all of the students together for a big celebration.

Check out some of our quick tips from our presenters! Here’s Antanique speaking about stretching!