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The latest experiment has gone viral.
This experiment shows how woman who seems to be vulnerable is treated in this “Drunk Girl” vid.
In this vid, you see an attractive woman in a short dress and high heels, appearing to be drunk and stumbling around Hollywood trying to find the bus to take her home.
What do you think should happen? And what do you think really happen…
Regardless if the vid appears staged or not, there is some reality to how females may be treated in their vulnerable stage.

In some cases, the girl ask a man where the bus was, but in other cases you see men approaching her once they see her stumbling about and offering their assistance to her.
Just about every man in the vid who offered their help to the lady didn’t just offer a lending hand…
Their generosity was them offering her a ride their own home. Their help wasn’t aggressive and pulling her arm and leading her towards their vehicles.
A few of the men even offered to continue the party with more drinking at their house as a way to entice her.
Once it reached a certain part of the “you can come home with me…” part, the girl would tell them, “I’m find now” and walk off like nothing.
Check the vid out…
Some might be shocked and others might think she gets what she deserves.