It’s not your typical bridesmaids group, but it worked for this Brazilian computer engineer student Rebeca Abrantes. Rebeca said she always wanted a big dreamy wedding, but since the 24-year old student is one of four women in a class of 60 people so her friends are men so that’s where the guys came in […]

The latest experiment has gone viral. This experiment shows how woman who seems to be vulnerable is treated in this “Drunk Girl” vid. In this vid, you see an attractive woman in a short dress and high heels, appearing to be drunk and stumbling around Hollywood trying to find the bus to take her home. What do […]


I was talking to a good friend yesterday about second chances.  She said that she doesn’t give a guy a second chance at all.  I told her that seems a little outlandish considering we all make mistakes.  So here is your poll question for the day…


Watch the Greeks Bring Down Town Houston’s City Hall to life!