What’s up, It’s Amir Diamond and I’m an avid viewer of Daytime Talk Shows. I absolutely have to watch The Wendy Williams Show & The Real everyday…faithfully! LOL Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a mess that’s spilled regarding some statements that were said on this morning’s episode that has Chris Brown infuriated…just watch:

Now, I happened to be watching this drama unfold LIVE today…and I kid you not…I said to myself: “Why TF are they using Chris Brown as an example? There was no relevance to putting him in the story at all.” None of the show’s hosts are in a romantic relationship with Breezy to know enough to even given their two cents as to whether the friends/fam of his girlfriend (Karreuche) need to intervene. It just doesn’t add up. As far as we know, any problems that CB and Karreuche have/had are issues that any normal couple experiences. If he’s not beating her…we need to let them be!


Now, I get the fact that on television and radio, producers are often times in charge of the topics. But in the case, 1 of the 5 hosts should have spoken up and said “What does Chris Brown have to do with this subject? He hasn’t done anything wrong. THIS MAKES NO SENSE!” But I guess they wanted to give us “a show”…LITERALLY!

So long story short: Chris Brown caught wind of the shenanigans and read some of the girls like a book on instagram! Then Tamar Braxton retaliated by saying that Breezy has her “Completely F***** Up!” AND THEN SOME! Read their social media battle word for word —> HERE.

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