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This morning I was faced with the decision that some men in America are faced with everyday. To Zumba or  not to Zumba… I chose option number 1. Today I tried my first Zumba class. Not only did I do it, I COMPLETED my first full session!!! I can honestly say it was harder than I thought it would be. I was dripping in sweat!!! Moral of the story, try new things. You may surprise yourself!!! Happy Friday!!!

Shout out Mrs. Kiotti, my little sister Tenesha, & Katina of Katfire Fitness. Here are 3 things I learned at Zumba class.

  1. Beyonce has a “Get Me Bodied” Fitness mix. She was commissioned by Michelle Obama. Here’s the video. Pretty cool. Video below.
  2. I don’t have the dance moves I thought I had. Somewhere between Salsa & Hip Hop, I got lost. But I took it like a MAN!
  3. You can do Zumba no matter how old you are!!! One nice lady was 60+ & getting it!!!

In case you never caught the Beyonce fitness video..

Shout out to the ladies who were very nice to me in Zumba class this morning!!! See the way my body is set up, I’ll be back soon. (Post Zumba pic)

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Beyonce & Michelle Obama Love Affair
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