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A 17 year old teenager girl named Sophia Putney- Wilcox was assaulted Monday, in her Michigan home by her 18 year old ex-boyfriend Adam Shigwadj.
As Sophia said, “I went into my room; I was on my phone and he popped out under a blanket. He had a knife so I started freaking out, but I couldn’t yell or anything because I then I thought he would stab me”.
The two had originally met Sophia’s freshman year in high school and he was a good person until she broke-up with him after he had cheated on her. After the initial break-up, in Feb. 2013 she had been trying to avoid him, but Adam turned violent pushing and choking her. He broke into her than apartment and the family pressed charges for break in and threatening her with a knife.
After her family moved to their house, she lived in fear that he would try and kill her.
Sophia said, “Domestic violence is a really big issue and a lot of people don’t understand it, especially teenage girls. Sharing my story can kind of help other people share theirs, maybe, and get the help that they really need”.
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