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It’s Sunday and I’m just sitting here reflecting on my blessings before the start of another long week Houston! A lot of people dread the coming of Monday. It means punching the clock, long days and little in the way of reward for many of you out there. For me Monday means opportunity – to improve on what has come before. It’s a clean slate. Starting Monday I’ve got five unblemished days to capitalize on the triumphs of the previous week and correct its failures. For any entrepreneur there is nothing more exciting than a fresh start. And isn’t that what Monday is? I mean like the Immortal Money B said, “See, weekends were made for Michelob/But it’s a Monday, my day, so just let me hit it, yo…” Now while our motivations aren’t the same… I am pretty sure Money spends his Monday between the sheets and I’m out of mine before I really get in them. Much like Money, Monday is a day I look forward to, because in the scheme of things making it magic is the first step each week I take towards getting mine. Which is while a lot of you are bemoaning the weekends in and getting out of bed, I wake up with a smile on my face at 4 a.m. and head to the studio. Still, as I sit, I find that I’m not as hyped for the coming week as I usually am. That’s because some weeks can’t be topped, and this past week may have been one of them. From Monday, when my 97.9 The Box crew teamed up with Pastor, author, former hustler and most importantly – Man of God – Rudy Rasmus of St. John’s Methodist Church and Bread of Life to collect donations to feed our hungry (something we would have never been successful at without an amazing effort by the generous people of this city), to hanging out with the prodigal daughter Bey and her rap-god husband J – the week was epic. I got to help spread the love to our homeless, hungry and those just facing hard times, talk love with the man whose, “Love Period (on shelves now),” will no-doubt be another best seller and make…. I mean take four beautiful girls to the concert of the year along with my radio life partner, the one-and-only – Madd Hatta. Then I watched the current King and Queen of Hip Hop put a period on it (sorry Kanye, but “Jam” was terrible), in front of her most royal subjects. But, not before going backstage with the power couple themselves thanks to Pastor Rudy (When is God good? All the time. Amen!). Yeah, last week was hot. For those that were there with me, thanks for your participation. We gave, we showed love and then we came together to party like few other metros on the planet can, and we did it in style along with the hottest acts on the planet. For those of you that could not be there; Check out clips on Instagram of the concerts, you know every church in the city collects food year round and if you need Pastor Rudy’s advice in your life, just head on over to Just don’t forget to tune into the Madd Hatta Morning Show first. We have the down- low info, gossip, highlights and more. Last week was the bomb, but we’ll find a way to eclipse it. Why? It’s in our DNA. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Special thanks go out to Pastor Rudy and the entire Knowles-Carter family for letting me be a witness to greatness, my girl Ivy for being the best there is at what she does, Beyoncé’s amazing stylist Ty and my boy Lauren – one of the twins ya’ll saw tearing it up on the stage if you attended the show.

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