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You know exactly how much fat and how many calories are in your favorite restaurant dish, right? Believe us…you have no idea. Cooking more gives you better control of your nutrients and calories. Don’t forget to cook lean meats, along with lots of colorful vegetables and whole grains.


Men feel emotionally and physically outstanding when they have an active sex. According to WebMD, there are countless health benefits attributed to sex, including a stronger immune system, lower heart disease risks, and even lower prostate cancer risks. Just make sure that you’re protecting yourself and your partner every time, getting regular STD screenings, and consistently taking the proper STD treatment if necessary.


Men are well-known for being kinda stoic and tight-lipped when it comes to their probelm. Men are also well known for being more stressed and having more heart health issues. Is there a connection? Possibly! So, talk to a loved one about things that are bothering you. A good listener really does help boost your health.


So. About that gut. Your waist circumferance should be less than half your height. If it’s higher, then you’re at a higher risk of either having a heart attack, becoming a diabetic, and even having less testosterone. You do not want any of these things. In addition to eating right, exercise is the best way to keep your body and mind in great shape. So get in at least an hour of activity most days of the week. This includes cardio and weight training.


Again, men are notorious for just not liking the doctor’s office. Little secret: very few people actually do. However, doctors help you stay healthy. Staying healthy makes you and everybody else happier. So, at the very least, visit your doctor once a year for an annual check-up, report any problems that come up immediately, make sure you get in all necessary screenings, and be sure to keep a copy of your medical history and your medical records. Just in case.

In addition to regular doctor visits, at least once a month, do a self-check of your entire body. Nobody knows your body the way you do, so if you get used to the way your body looks and feels, you’re more likely to quickly spot any problems and talk to your doctor about them. This includes checking your testicles for bumps, a rough/hard patches, and how they’re hanging (one should hang slightly lower than the other).


Finding reasons to smile and laugh more can help lower your blood pressure, alleviate stress, improve your immune system, and simply puts you in a better mood. Who doesn’t like to laugh???

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