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Waddup, H-Town! It’s Amir Diamond and we are days away from #979TheConcert! The show that money can’t buy! Listeners have been reposting THIS FLYER…


…on their instagrams and meeting our crew at special Box Pop Up Shop locations in order to score their tickets to Thursday night’s show!

(Whispers) You still might have a chance. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @ 979TheBox @WhosYourDiamond @Doughbeezy

In the meantime and in between time, check out Doughbeezy’s new video (feat. Killa Kyleon) – “Feel Free” from the dope azz mixtape “Footprints on the Moon” HERE:


If you missed my interview with this artist…check it out here:

Get To Know @Doughbeezy #InsideTheBox With @WhosYourDiamond! [VIDEO]

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