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Rebel fans where you at?! K Michelle seems to be riding a big wave of success with her touring and music doing so well. But what happens when you got to do what’s right for you even if it means ticking off A LOT of people?

Oooh insert Sister Sister theme song here…

Sister sister,

Even though I’m glad to be with ya

I gotta feel what’s real for me,

Like you got to do what’s right for you

That baby says she’s gotta do what she needs to do.

No, but for real K Michelle released an open letter to her fans addressing the cancelation of the second leg of her tour:

Dear Rebels,

I will not be doing the Rebellious Soul Tour (Part 2). I personally decided that I wanted to take the next couple of months to journey off to some different places. A writer has nothing to write about with no

inspiration. I will be traveling to South Africa to spend some time preparing for my new album #AWBAH, and reflect on the woman that I’ve become.

I need this time for myself. So much has happened so quickly and I’m forever grateful. The only noise I desire to hear is the inner music. My soul has a song to sing and I have to be quiet to hear it. I have so much in store for you. I promise! Love y’all! [heart emoji]

Well, Rebels how do you feel? Can you understand where she’s coming from or is this upsetting?

K. Michelle @ Houston Fit Family Expo
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