THIS Is The Reason Why @GoMCBeezy Turned Down Record Labels! [WATCH]



Wassup, It’s Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond). And guess who got to sit down and chop it up with MC BEEZY (#979TheConcert artist)…ME!!! LOL We talked about:

  • His mom’s heavy foundation in the church…and how she responds to his music
  • The first time he heard “Swagged Up I Be Killin” on the radio, and
  • Why he decided to turn down big record label deals!

Watch my conversation with MC Beezy here and listen to the bars he spit at the last 40 seconds! Lol Pretty dope. Swa!


MC Beezy is one of the artists performing at #979TheConcert on July 10, 2014 at a top secret box location. To get info on how and where to score free tickets, follow us on instagram @979TheBox NOW!!! That’s the only way to get there. Your money’s no good here. Lol

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