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Tyler Perry may be a multitalented media mogul, but he deals with stress and hardship just like the rest of us.

The director, writer and star of The Single Moms Club stopped by “The Dr. Oz Show” this week and revealed his out-of-the-box way to cope with life’s advertise. “You know what? I fly RC planes. Radio-controlled airplanes, yes. I fly them,” he told the live studio audience. ”I’ve got some that are huge. I mean, these things are like 15 feet, 20 feet long and I’m flying them. Only God would give me a hobby where I’m looking up at the sky. So I’m sitting there and I have to focus on what’s happening with the plane in the air and it completely clears my head.”

“But when one of those jokers crash,” he added, “I’m telling you right now, I want to cry ’cause they are expensive. But that’s what I do.”

He went on to say that women need to take care of themselves and know that they matter, too.

“What would I do if I was a woman in America? Well, I have been a woman in America for a little while in the movies. I tell you the thing about it is, as I said, if I could just get people to put themselves on the list, take care of themselves enough to just know that you matter.”

“And that’s why I do these kind of movies,” he continued. “That’s why I do some of the films, they’re really big, broad comedies, but they are these little messages in it that I’m hoping that if people see it, it reminds them of how valuable each life is and each story is. So that’s what’s important.”

Be sure to check out Perry’s full interview with Dr. Oz on Friday, March 14th. The Single Moms Club, starring Nia Long, is in theaters now.


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