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AYana Mack and Ravon Gaines

Monarch Way of Hope is a shelter in Fort Bend County, TX (outside of Houston) that assist women and children who are victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Of the many victims in the U.S., 25% are trafficked in Texas, the majority of whom were in Houston.

Ravon Gaines:

I am a mother, business owner, life coach and police officer. I began my journey when my first husband committed suicide in front of my kids and me several years ago. As a parent, I struggled to recover and restore my children’s innocence and faith in humanity. It wasn’t until we began reaching out to help people that we were able to live again. I determined within myself to help others towards their own recovery. Not satisfied just being a police officer, I realized a more hands on approach was needed to really impact my community. So I opened up our home to shelter those in need and I opened a coffee shop to provide jobs for the ladies in my program.

We have recently expanded our facility to 11.3 acre property which had been abandoned for several years. While we are hopeful for a $250,000 government grant process to be processed to sustain us, we must to continue to help the families in need. Your support is invaluable to this effort!

By your support you are providing shelter, security, jobs, clothing, business training, mentorship, travel, food, counseling, peace of mind and a place to call home for these victims. The surrounding community has stepped up to assist us but it’s not enough. Please help us remain an asset to the community and our families. Contact Ravon Gains at 832-790-8150, or go to for information on how you can donate.

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