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Beyoncé’s candor and openess on her ‘Self-Titled’ part four video had us really laughing and loving her even more. As fans we enjoy the final product that our favorite singer or rap artist puts out, but its a real treat whenever they allow us as fans to see the creative process and some of the background development. In this video Queen Bey talks breastfeeding, music being her outlet, focus, dreams and finding herself again. Some mommies may have a  difficult time with allowing themselves to feel and be sexy again but Bey offers no apology for her sensuality, but does mention being slightly embarrassed after recording ‘Partition’. She says ” I was so embarrassed after I recorded the song cause I’m just talking’ ****, I’m like I can’t play this for my husband.”

Oooh we just love you Bey!

Bey Hive check out the video below!

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