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Last year I put a couple of bullets through my brain to end the year. I thought it was the solution to all my problems, a quick fix for what went wrong in the previous year. Shot after shot rang out, mental projectiles designed to destroy those areas of my persona that presented problems. When I was done there was no blood, but the remains of the laziness, avarice, greed and complacency were seemingly gone. I had a clean slate for the new year ready for me to fill with new accomplishments, and a brain free of the distractions that I though I had so carefully excised with my pinpoint mental bullets after I turned my own mind’s weapons on itself. I awoke the next day a new man. Refreshed. Things went well. Our show continued to grow, new personal opportunities abounded and I was blessed with much success. Yet, here as the old year comes to a close and another begins — I cannot say I’m truly satisfied. Did I fail myself? NO. I did perhaps fail to realize that one’s goals cannot be defined by resolutions, and that a resolution is but a tiny step on the journey to one’s goals. So, now I’ve reloaded and take aim at my imperfections again. Some old, some new and perhaps even some imagined. I won’t always be perfect, and when I am perfect I will not always be satisfied — but I promise to keep my clip full and stay ever vigilant for bad habits that do me no favor and can only be exorcised by that particular mental gun. Happy New Year my friends. Always remember that often the only difference between your dreams and reality is hard work and a little luck. Cheers, J.

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