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The Gods of the Yes-Men are rejoicing heavy now.

Jamie Foxx, the Oscar Award-winning star of the silver screen was reported by In Touch Magazine via multiple-source confirmations that Jamie was jumping off with Katie Holmes on a regular basis. In other words, Foxx pulled the ultimate homie-hop by claiming Katie, ex-wife of his “Collateral” co-star Tom Cruise, just in time for cuffing season.

Cuba Gooding ain’t Oreo up for y’all colored cats to do this…

Really, Foxx? That’s how you feel? I mean I’m not saying you and Tommy were Goose-and-Maverick-cool, but with all the beauties bouncing around your Hollywood stomping grounds, why on earth would you Booty Call Katie? That doesn’t sound like Risky Business to you? I mean true, they got divorced in August Tom had her feeling The Firm for six years making this Far And Away a violation of the bro code. And you know it’s gonna get back to him! Cruise ain’t gonna roll around with his Eyes Wide Shut after your creeping becomes a Minority Report on Page Six.

Halle Berry has a boy and now look what happens…

Did you ever think you were being set up? Katie finding A Few Good Men ain’t Mission Impossible, but yo ass just had to take the Bait. You could have been Ray to the B.S. or at least moved with some Stealth and kept ya biz out of the papers knowing on Any Given Sunday your Hollywood swinging would have you drenched in Dreamgirls. Instead, you end up Breaking All The Rules for the sake of The Players Club off the strength of The Great White Hype. The last thing you need is Cruise getting you Held Up by the wrath of the Scientologist sect holding Toys that would make a Jarhead pee his panties.

Don’t think they won’t do it. Django wasn’t THAT good…

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