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May 9th 2010 was the 50th anniversary of the day that the FDA gave women a life altering tool. A tool so powerful that it could affect a woman’s fate in one of the biggest decisions she would make in her life. It is the day that they approved birth control for women. In commemoration of this I have decided to write this post. This piece is in celebration of women around the world being given one of the greatest gifts that one could receive. The gift of choice. This particular bestowal is especially momentous because it is the gift of choice over ones own body AND their future.

Get Rid Of Your Jelly Belly After Giving Birth

Because of the events that occurred 50 years ago, a woman can now make the decision as to when she is ready to become a mother. She can also make the choice to never have children. She can enjoy sex! Yes God! She can enjoy sex and not have to concern herself with fears of pending pregnancy. She can live in the moment and not later worry if her period is going to come. I am not implying that birth control pills give women a open door to be slutty (unless that is how you get down. If so then to each their own. No judgment) . I am saying that the birth control pill is the great sexual equalizer.

For centuries, women were seen as… To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

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