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Wow! is reporting that Amanda Bynes spazzed out on a man who wanted to take her picture Friday night!

Brett Cohen and his dad Bobby observed her in Atlantic City where according to Brett,

“She was stumbling and reeked of alcohol. She was carrying a huge handbag and something that looked like a pet carrier but I was hoping there wasn’t an animal inside because of the way she was holding it.”

When Bobby tried to take a picture of the retired actress, she freaked out on him. Says Brett,

“She started yelling at my dad and lunging at him, I told her, “Amanda, you can’t do that, leave him alone’ and she just freaked out screaming, ‘he can’t take my picture.”A couple of security men came by and tried to calm her down and keep her from my dad. They had no idea who she was other than someone who was acting like a crazy person.”

Wow, once again people are left to wonder why her family hasn’t jumped on a plane to look after their daughter? We get that she’s grown, but if no one is looking out for her, this could really end badly. We hope she is able to get the help she clearly needs.


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