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As Beyonce is taking the globe by storm on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, you can bet she’s also demanding some pretty sweet kickbacks fit for the royalty she is!

UK’s The Daily Star has released a list reportedly from Queen Bey’s tour rider, complete with the items she receives in her dressing room for she and her entourage. Some of these things are understandable, while others are downright interesting!

Among Beyonce’s tour demands:

  • 100 percent pure cotton clothes for she and her crew to prevent allergic reactions
  • $7,000 titanium drinking straws, from which she sips special alkaline water at a chilly 21 degrees
  • Freshly painted white walls in her dressing room
  • Brand new toilet seat on her dressing room toilet
  • Red toilet paper
  • Glass platters of almonds and oatcakes
  • A salad bar with only green vegetables
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