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Kerry Rhodes is once again responding to the gay allegations and this time, it’s with a story that, well hmm, let’s just say it doesn’t feel quite right. As a matter of fact the entire situation is really just beyond reasoning at this point.

Bossip is reporting that Rhodes latest denial involves claiming that he can’t be gay because he has a girlfriend no wait, she’s not just a girlfriend, she’s his fiance! They are allegedly getting married in June! The story says they have been dating for ten years, but that she is a really private person, so she doesn’t want the attention or the spotlight.

Now, let’s be realistic, if you are with someone for 10 years, and there are gay rumors and an alleged ex-boyfriend spilling tea all over the table about your man, wouldn’t you be shouting from the rooftops that those rumors are just a bunch of garbage and that people need to leave your baby boo alone? Isn’t it at least worth a Kobe and Vanessa style press conference where Kerry and his girl publicly refute the charges against him? C’mon Kerry! If this is a real thing then where is she? Do you have pictures with her from all these 10 years? Are there shots of you guys at the zoo or Disney World with Mickey Mouse ears? If you’re going to give this story then you have to supply something from the past that can at the very least confirm it’s validity!

We say that because, Kerry’s former Phoenix Cardinal team mates are allegedly speaking on this situation now. A few are reportedly saying they’ve heard about this woman before, but no one has ever even seen her! Not a picture in locker or wallet, nothing!  She’s never even been to any of his games. We’re sorry, but we’ve all watched at least one episode of “The Game”. We know those girls are not allowed to miss Sunbeams meetings! Let’s keep it real here.

If he truly is in love with a woman and they’re getting married, then hey, we send a heartfelt congratulations to the couple!  But if it’s not true, then it saddens us to think this guy would feel he had to make up a girlfriend instead of just telling people to mind their own business. These excuses etc. just give that alleged ex boy toy another 5 minutes to talk. Let’s be clear if it weren’t for Kerry Rhodes, people would roll their eyes at “Hollywood” and keep it going.

Bottom line Kerry should probably just stop talking about it all together at this point. And for the love of John Madden, somebody get this man a crisis management team in place stat! He should have been shielding him from all this junk weeks ago! Because the game that these people are running on him right now, should never hinder this great football player from playing the game he’s trained for his entire life.


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