There’s nothing worse than a serious slip of the tongue — on national television. South African soccer player Mohammad Anas may have to hear his wife’s wrath after his recent interview in which he thanked her, and his girlfriend. After a two-goal performance in Free State vs. Cape Town on Friday, Anas told reporters, “And I appreciate […]

Orlando, Orlando, Orlando. The world is not sure if drugs are at play when it comes to Orlando Brown‘s antics, or if he’s just an actor playing a character for a little attention. His latest bizarre moment didn’t really seem like acting. The That’s So Raven star took to Instagram on Thursday to live stream […]

VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED FOR EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Nardwuar interviewed DJ Khaled about his idea of perfect P$$$y and how he used to sleep in his car to visit his girlfriend.  He also talked about how it was to meet the founder of Snapchat.

The Houston Dash and the Houston Texans have joined forces with their forward/mid-fielder and our defensive end… That’s right, Kealia Ohai confirmed during a phone interview that she and J.J. Watt are dating. Kealia, 24, was #2 overall pick in the 2014 National Women’s Soccer League college draft and she did lead North Carolina to […]

According to reports, the self-proclaimed King of R&B is in love with a young woman named Halle Calhoun, who is 30 years his junior.


James is tired of his girlfriend wanting to go EVERYWHERE with him! He needs some advice on what to do! Do you have drama? DM me @jjonthemic on IG or call 713.390.5979    

Russell Simmons has always been a man of class who appreciates the finer things.

In an interview with called “The Unbelievable Life of J.J. Watt,” Houston’s No. 99, spoke about girlfriends, true love, life… his goals and drives.  He says, “Nothing about my life is normal, because it’s not– it’s crazy, it’s absurd, it’s awesome and it’s unbelievable.”   When talking about dating and love, the asked him if he gets lonely and […]

Nicki Minaj always has something up her sleeve, and this time, she’s accomplishing pleasing her fans with a tour and a new television special at…

The Madd Hatta Morning Show wants to know if you open the door for your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Let us know by voting on our D.A.P., Dumb Ass Poll below.


When I first saw this story I shook my head!  What?!?! You did WHAT?!?!?!  But as you read the story you almost start to feel bad for the girlfriend and more understand of why he made this attempt to help her.  It all about LOVE! Awwwwww! Love can’t help pay that $2000 fine though! OUCH! […]