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I understand.  Life is good.  Nobody is trying to bring up the inevitable to bring your spirits down. But the fact is, there is no time better than present to handle your business when it comes to preparing for your last chapter.

Last year, my father passed and the process of putting together a memorial, handling finances, etc. was a b*tch.  It has officially been a year and we are still dealing with paper work to handle his estate. Things weren’t in order like they could have been and I really learned from that situation.

I know you may think “A Will is only for rich people”.  This isn’t true at all.  Let’s say you are a single mom and the father of the child is nowhere to be found. Who do you want your child to go to if something happens to you?  Your child could go to your brother who doesn’t really care for kids at all. And I don’t know about you but even if I only have $20 in the bank…I want my child to have it. Who will make sure that your child gets that money? Or how about this…you may not have a pot to piss in but you have your great great great grandmother’s dishes.  Who do you want to have those?  What if you are in a coma and you need someone to make a medical decision on your behalf…who would you feel the most secure with in making those decisions.

These are just some of the things that go into making a Will and Testament. It doesn’t cost that much to create one either. I’m sure you have spent more on a purse or some shoes! :) I promised myself that before the one year anniversary of my father’s passing I would get it done.  It’s now complete. It only took two days. That’s it. Now I can focus on living life to the fullest.

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