CLOSE  – The Madd Hatta Morning Show interviewed Hip Hop general The Rza who gave a prolific, in depth interview on his rise to success from launching hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan to now directing, producing and acting in his own movie The Man with the Iron Fist starring actors Russell Crowe,  Lucy Liu,  Cung Le and Byron Mann to name a few.

On getting prepared for this movie:

I took a lot of time to prepare for this, worked under Quentin Tarantino as a student for five -six years, I acted in about a dozen movies and gained knowledge on how to be a director and with Wu-Tang, I was always a director! I wrote the 90 page screenplay and then I hooked up with Eli Roth and we edited it to like 130 pgs, presented it to executives, they liked it and approved it and there you have it…

On how he landed a 20M budget to film The Man With The Iron Fist as a new director:

When I first made Wu-Tang I had a five year plan and told them, “give me five years and I will take us to #1.” They gave me five years, we dropped Wu-Tang Forever album, and we were #1.” 

On  only sharing his vision with this wife:

Sometimes your thoughts are best like a seed, you grow them in the darkness, you plant them under soil, let them grow and flourish out. So this was something that had to be done internally. It was a verbal plan, I said it out my mouth over and over. I did it before (with Wu-Tang) so I had the faith and strength that I could do it again. Nothing is a sure bet, but the best bet would have to be on myself.

On why he walked away from music:

Movies was a desire and I was determined. I walked away from music and my brothers and lawyers was like “this boy is doing the stupidest thing in the world”  but if you ain’t satisfied in your heart with what you’re doing everyday, regardless of how much cheese you’re making, you’re happiness is not there because happiness becomes something that you’re seeking. Happiness should be the satisfaction with yourself. If someone controls your happiness, they will be able to take it away.

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On casting Russell Crowe in the film:

Russell said in an interview that he was “thinking about doing the movie but everyone is telling me not to do it. But because I believe in the artist, it’s Rza from the Wu Tang, he’s a unique artist and I trust him that way.” So he showed up, put his trust in me, I delivered on that.

Listen to more of the interview as The Rza talks about creating the Wu-Tang Clan and  allowing each member of the group to still be creatively free to do their own thing. The Rza also talks how he feels about the current state of hip hop music today.

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