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Living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADD/HD as a child is hard to handle, but how does one live with ADD/HD as an adult?

With high-profile celebrities like NBCThe Voice‘ judge Adam Levine and TV news broadcaster Kaley O’Kelley publicly owning their ADHD diagnosis, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery shares the answers to finding the signs of adult ADD/HD and better understanding the gifts and the drawbacks of the ADD/HD impact.

Millions of adults who were never diagnosed in childhood are dealing with ADD/HD symptons. The result causes many adults to not recognize their incredible potential and look for the “quick fix” medication. Acknowledging ADD/HD with proper self-awareness and management will help adults be genuinely happy and succeed at home and at work.

Some of the tell-tale signs of adult ADD/HD include the following traits:

  • Organizationally challenged
  • Trouble starting and finishing projects
  • Miss social cues
  • Difficulty being subtle
  • Hyper-focused to the point of losing track of time
  • Multi-tasks to the point of distraction
  • Does not work well in traditional workplace setting
  • Marital troubles
  • Poor listening skills
  • Chronic lateness
  • Angry outbursts
  • Trouble prioritizing
  • Gets bored easily
  • Naturally rebellious
  • Addictive personality

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